Hi there!

I'm Abdelouahed Oumoussa

A junior self-taught full-stack javascript developer from morocco, My journey started from 2020. Coding is a passion first before it becomes a profession. I always enjoy building and developing web apps. A list of all my side projects could be found over here

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Programming languages

The first one I started with, I built some websites with it, Also I tried its laravel framework which I really liked even though I didn't like PHP syntax
C and C++
I started C++ at university first, but I learned more about it after, I also learned some C as well since C++ is a superset of C, whenever I get bored or not feeling good you'll find me playing with these languages
Currently, trying to deep dive into it and get more comfortable with it and its ecosystem I like the idea of one codebase for multiple platforms it saves time and money and it fits nicely for small to medium projects

Frontend development

Vue.js The Progressive JavaScript Framework
Vuetify.js Vue UI Library
Bootstrap The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library
Gridsome A Jamstack framework for Vue.js
Nuxtjs The Intuitive Vue Framework

Backend development

Nodejs Back-end JavaScript runtime environment
Expressjs Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js
MongoDB General purpose, document-based, distributed database
MySql Relational database management system
Serverless serverless with netlify functions it's a method of providing backend services on an as-used basis

Side Projects

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News Blog
A simple fast blog using jamstack with serverless functions to cover some backend functionalities
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Chat web application
Frontend only chat app, But I'm going to add some backend functionalities sooner
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It's a website for FSSM students to get pdf courses etc and upload their courses for easy access to everyone
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